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Book: How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence

How to Open a Restaurant: Due Diligence
by Frank Stocco

So you want to OPEN A RESTAURANT…
Open with confidence.

The guide and workbook is 236 pages and available in spiral bound for easy note taking, or perfect bound paperback. There is also a pdf download available.

Preview: Table of Contents
Preview: Introduction Page

Testimonial: “Frank, I got your book. It’s phenomenal!! I look forward to working with you on my restaurant project.”
Michael Mast


  • Information you need to know before opening a restaurant, e.g. concept & vision, financing, equipment purchasing, negotiating leases, hiring key employees…
  • Samples of foodservice design and equipment documents, e.g. concept layout, electrical and plumbing plans, equipment specifications, interior design & graphic design…
  • Instructions for gathering beneficial information, e.g. writing a business plan, securing investors, choosing designers, deciding upon a location…
  • Checklists and pages to document research and discovery.
  • Journal Pages for recording research and discovery for your concept.

This book will be of great benefit as a resource and as a complete journal record for your unique foodservice concept.

Based on 40+ years in the business, Frank gives you 13 Instructions to follow.  With “due diligence” you will be able to make an honest evaluation and educated decision well before you make any binding commitments. If your decision is YES to pursue your vision, you can do so well prepared and with confidence.


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  2. Order by MailPrintable Order Form (pdf) Print and complete the pdf order page for single books, 15 or more at a discount, or for schools. Mail with check or money order.

For questions or comments about the book write to books@nationalrd.com.

To contact Frank Stocco, the author, consultant, restaurant designer: email fsdesigner@nationalrd.com

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